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Plane crash! #Bellingcat will test the version of the rocket

Plane crash! #Bellingcat will test the version of the rocket
Friday, 10 January, 2020, 00:15

The founder of a group of Internet investigators commented on the photo with the wreckage of the missile, which is associated with the fall of the Ukrainian plane in Iran.

A group of Bellingcat investigators will check the version of the crash of a Ukrainian plane near Tehran as a result of the attack. Bellingcat founder Eliot Huggins tweeted about it on Thursday evening, January 8.

In particular, he promised to study photos with the wreckage of the rocket, distributed after the tragedy.

“Until the location of the wreckage is confirmed, which cannot be established in the photographs, I am careful about it,” Huggins wrote.

Higgins promised that Bellingcat would test different versions, including a possible attack on a plane from the Thor missile defense system.

Recall, on the eve of the beginning to spread the version of the missile. In particular, the Daily Mail reported that the Ukrainian plane may have been accidentally shot down by a missile. This was reportedly indicated that the plane, as seen in the video, began to burn in the air. In Iran, this version is denied․