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Azerbaijan does not respect any international principles and obligations

Azerbaijan does not respect any international principles and obligations
Monday, 29 May, 2023, 14:42

Comment by Press Secretary of the President of the Artsakh Republic Lusine Avanesyan to "Artsakhpress" agency
Just a few days ago, the President of the Artsakh Republic called on the people and authorities of Azerbaijan to end the hatred and genocidal policy towards the people of Artsakh, to truly accept the principle of equality of people established by international law, the title and rights of the indigenous Armenian people to Artsakh.
At the same time, President Harutyunyan expressed his willingness to start a dialogue in an international format, based on the norms and principles of international law, especially on the principles of equality and self-determination of people, non-use of force and threat of force, peaceful settlement of disputes and principles of territorial integrity.
It is not the first time that Azerbaijan has spoken threateningly to the people of Artsakh after the Tripartite Declaration of a ceasefire, we have seen and continue to see manifestations of aggression in the form of local combat operations, blockade, energy and other pressures. This time, the President of Azerbaijan has added illegal demands to the elected authorities of the people of Artsakh.
The President and the National Assembly hold the primary mandate of the people of Artsakh, elected on democratic principles and on the basis of the Constitution of the Artsakh Republic. And the president of Azerbaijan is well aware that the main source of the subjectivity of Artsakh is those state institutions, and, in fact, with such demands, he recognizes the legitimacy and importance of those institutions.
Along with the active international efforts aimed at ensuring lasting peace in the South Caucasus, the repeated threats of the Azerbaijani President to the people and statehood of Artsakh are aimed at undermining the perspective of the effectiveness of these efforts.
Emphasizing once again that Azerbaijan does not respect any international principles and obligations, President Harutyunyan reaffirms the provisions of his May 23 message addressed to the parties of the Tripartite Declaration and the UN Security Council.