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YouTube is finally rolling out Shorts - its answer to TikTok

YouTube is finally rolling out Shorts - its answer to TikTok
Thursday, 04 March, 2021, 01:05

YouTube has started rolling out its new feature Shorts - it is a platform for short videos, shot in portrait orientation, and is an obvious attempt to curb TikTok and its growing influence online. Those in the United States have started receiving the feature, and the global rollout is expected soon.

Currently, Shorts is still in Beta, so not all American users will get it after an update of their application. The company is likely doing some A/B testing, but given the fact YouTube has been working on Shorts for the past 12 months, the feature’s stable version should be right around the corner.

YouTube’s Shorts were getting over 3.5 billion views while in early beta, so it is no wonder the short videos are now getting to more and more users. Just for comparison, TikTok is reaching 1 billion monthly active users and is likely to become the first platform to reach the milestone in such a short time.

We've included a link to APKMirror for those willing to sideload the latest version although seeing how the feature also requires a server-side switch it's no guarantee that you'll get it.