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In Nigeria, 10 people died from juice poisoning

In Nigeria, 10 people died from juice poisoning
Friday, 16 April, 2021, 17:32

After consuming expired drinks in Kano State last week, at least ten people have been reported dead and more than 400 others are reportedly hospitalized.
According to the state’s Commissioner for Health, Aminu Ibrahim Tsanyawa, who confirmed this to journalists on Thursday, 50 patients have been admitted to hospitals for kidney-related care as a result of the killer drinks’ consumption.
Tsanyawa said the affected people are being treated in government hospitals and warned residents of the state not to drink expired juice or other beverages during Ramadan to prevent disastrous consequences.
“As you are aware, the Ministry of Health recently announced the outbreak of a mysterious disease linked to the ingestion of tainted juices,” he said.
“Consumption of these fake or substandard items has serious consequences for the kidneys and other essential organs.”
The Consumer Protection Council is investigating the incident and performing searches in state markets, according to the commissioner.