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More than a dozen naked girls posed naked on the balcony of a skyscraper

More than a dozen naked girls posed naked on the balcony of a skyscraper
Monday, 05 April, 2021, 22:00

In Dubai, participants in an intimate mass photo session were arrested in which more than ten girls took part ̵1; all of them from the CIS countries, according to some sources. Now they face fines and imprisonment.
There used to be a video on the internet from the window of a nearby skyscraper. In the recording, you can see a dozen girls leaning on a balcony with transparent sides – they were all wearing what their mother gave birth to. At that moment, a photographer filmed her from behind.

In return, the Daily Mail published a photo that was taken on the spot. According to the newspaper, the photo session was part of an advertising campaign for an Israeli website.

The emergence of such content triggered an immediate response from the UAE authorities. Public kisses and alcohol consumption are prohibited in the Emirates, although the country’s authorities are very loyal to foreigners. In this case, however, the tourists have clearly exceeded all limits of what is permissible.

According to reports, all of the participants in the photo session are from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. The detainees are punished with a prison term of up to six months and a fine of 5,000 dirhams (approx. 100,000 rubles). It is possible that the models will be punished with both a fine and a prison sentence.