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Pele losing his battle against cancer as Brazillian icon says last goodbye to friends and family: Reports

Pele losing his battle against cancer as Brazillian icon says last goodbye to friends and family: Reports
Monday, 26 December, 2022, 22:54

The greatest footballer of all time, Pele, underwent colon surgery in September 2021 to remove a tumour, and he has since been often visiting hospitals. He was receiving palliative care when chemotherapy failed to deliver any positive results, according to a Saturday article in the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. In light of his deteriorating health, 82-year-old Brazilian legend Pele is being visited by family this Christmas weekend at his hospital bedside.

As they celebrate Christmas by his side at the Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital in So Paulo, his children have posted heartfelt comments and images of their father. Sofia, Pelé’s granddaughter, was sleeping in the same room when his daughter Kely Nascimento shared a picture of herself holding her father when he was in the hospital on Friday. She captioned the image, “We continue to be here, in fight and in faith. One more night together.”

But now reports are emerging that Pele might have said his last goodbyes to all his family members and friends by his side. The three-time World Cup winner is slowly losing his battle against cancer as everything doctors have tried has gone down the drain. His family also reported: “his condition is worsening even further and he’s receiving elevated care.” Pele’s health has been in worse condition than ever and prayers are being prayed by fellow Brazilians to hear some better news about their footballing icon.

The legendary Brazilian footballer Pele has not been transferred to palliative care, according to one of his daughters, She played down rumours that he was receiving end-of-life care after the 82-year-old was admitted to the hospital last week to reassess his colon cancer treatment.

Nascimento claimed that because her father’s cancer had not completely disappeared, they periodically change his medicine. According to the most recent assessment from the medical team at So Paulo’s Albert Einstein hospital, which was made public on Saturday afternoon, Pele was in stable condition and had also responded positively to treatment for a lung infection discovered after his hospitalisation.In the interview, Kely, another of Pele’s daughters, claimed that he had Covid-19 three weeks prior, which caused the respiratory infection. “He is sick, he is old, but at the moment he is being treated for a respiratory infection and when he gets better he will be back home,” she said. “He is not saying goodbye in a hospital right now.”