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''Questions and answers to Aliyev''. Artak Beglaryan

''Questions and answers to Aliyev''. Artak Beglaryan
Thursday, 20 April, 2023, 11:48

Aliyev once again threatened and insulted the Armenian people and the Republics of Artsakh and Armenia in an interview given to Azerbaijani television yesterday. His continuation of the policy of ethnic cleansing forces us to be more persistent, and it is the responsibility of the international community to take practical measures to fulfill their duty to protect.
1. Quote from Aliyev: “Armenians living in Karabakh should either accept Azerbaijani citizenship or find another place to live. There is complete freedom here, and all democratic fundamentals are offered. This issue should be resolved on the basis of human rights.”
Answer: Is that solution based on the same democratic principles and human rights that genocidal acts were carried out against the Armenians of Azerbaijan and Artsakh, that now not a single Armenian is left in Azerbaijan, and on the same principles, all Armenians under the control of Azerbaijan throughout the conflict were either brutally killed or tortured and humiliated? On the same "democratic principles" are Armenians displayed at the "Strategist's Grove" museum for the "education" of Azerbaijani children, and on the same principles, a sleeping Armenian is beheaded by an Azerbaijani axe-wielder who has become a national hero? Is it on the same principles and human rights that Azerbaijani society is fed with fascist hatred against Armenians and distracted from internal problems, and judged by the same principles, Azerbaijan is considered one of the most dictatorial countries in the world? Or, did you mean other human rights, Your Excellency, Mr. best human rights defender, democrat, and pacifist?
The indigenous Armenian people of Artsakh made their decision a long time ago. Being annexed to Soviet Azerbaijan against their will, the people of Artsakh in 1988 and 1991 chose self-determination and freedom. We, the people of Artsakh, have no other place to live than our homeland, and we want to hold citizenship of no other country except the Republic of Artsakh. This is our choice based on the fundamental norms of international law. It's worth reminding that the threat of expelling people from their own homeland is a policy of ethnic cleansing, for which those responsible will one day stand before the international court.
2. Quote from Aliyev: “The separatists who invented fake names for themselves (one calls himself president, minister, head of parliament), that group of clowns must finally understand that they will not play with our patience. We tried to explain to them many times in different ways that they should either follow our words or leave. The Armenians who live there, who are in fact their captives and hostages, should be left alone. I am sure that most of the Armenian population currently living in Karabakh is ready to accept Azerbaijani citizenship. Only those leeches, those predatory animals don't let these people live in peace, they have kept them as captives for 30 years.”
Answer: Not stooping to the level of dictator Aliyev and not using offensive labels in public speech, I would advise him to look in the mirror and ask himself questions before labeling: who is preventing Armenians from living in peace, who is draining the blood not only of Armenians but also of his own people, who is holding the people of Artsakh as prisoners and hostages for at least the last 130 days, who is keeping prisoners of war as hostages for years, who was truly elected in democratic elections, and who inherited power through multiple violations and repressions of the norms of his own constitution. He should also question who is playing bloody and corrupt performances of human rights and democracy, not only in front of his own people but also in front of the world…
The people of Artsakh have repeatedly demonstrated their desire for independence and freedom through free referendums, elections, and rallies. They have unanimously declared that they do not see any future under Azerbaijani rule. Our choice and will are irreversible because we have the right and determination to decide our own destiny in our own homeland, without encroaching upon anyone else's territory.
3. Quote from Aliyev: “No one can influence our will. We proved it during the war and after the war. If the need comes, we will prove it once again in every way.”
Answer: This statement amounts to yet another threat of the use of force, and I would even argue that it constitutes a threat of committing a crime against humanity, as he explicitly mentions the use of "any way" of force. It is particularly concerning coming from someone who professes readiness for peace and espouses human rights and other such values.
4. Quote from Aliyev: “Let them (the people of Armenia) think carefully; one day, they may open their eyes and see the flag of Azerbaijan above their heads.”
Answer: This is also a clear threat against the people and sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia, even regarding the occupation of Yerevan. And after all this, who can believe such a dictator who "wants" peace and "has" no ambitions for other countries and peoples?
5. Quote from Aliyev: “First, for the fact that they won that great victory in Armenia, an enemy state, both Azerbaijan’s and Turkey's eternal enemy, they raised the Turkish flag.”
Answer: In the end, this dictator openly reiterates and acknowledges that he considers Armenia to be an 'eternal enemy' whom he seeks to humiliate and destroy. Despite years of state policies rooted in Armenian hatred, threats, and crimes, he continues to play the victim. It is clear that peace and stability in the region cannot be achieved with such a fascist approach. The only viable solution is to apply practical internal and external measures to deter the dictator Aliyev and prevent further crimes against the Armenian people and humanity.