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Trump urged not to joke about Biden's mental abilities

Trump urged not to joke about Biden's mental abilities
Wednesday, 06 December, 2023, 22:48

Former US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, December 5, urged not to laugh at the mental abilities of the current American leader Joe Biden. Trump made a corresponding appeal at a meeting with voters in Iowa, organized by Fox News, and the channel published a fragment of Trump's speech on its YouTube.

According to Trump, Biden's mental abilities are in poor condition, but it's not worth joking about it.

"It's really not funny, we shouldn't joke about it. This is serious, we are dealing with nuclear weapons," he added.

Earlier, on November 29, Trump accused Biden of the decline of the state and the loss of the American dream. According to the former US president, under the current head of state, the United States has become a nation in decline, and Biden's destruction of the American economy was the beginning of his war against youth.

On November 23, the former US president said that the country was in serious trouble, having descended into hell because of Biden's policies. Then he also promised to win the 2024 presidential election and "make America great again."

In October, Trump called Biden a laughing stock occupying the White House. The businessman and politician also linked the aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with the wrong decisions of the American leader, saying that Israel's war with the Gaza Strip is a consequence of these decisions.

The next 60th presidential election is scheduled for November 2024.

81-year—old Joe Biden is the oldest president in the history of the United States, and his health condition regularly becomes a cause for discussion and concern among citizens. His strange behavior and frequent mistakes make many Americans doubt his mental health. The politician repeatedly confused the names of countries and stumbled when boarding the plane.