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Shafi Al Caprio: "I became a fan of Armenia and Armenian people"

Shafi Al Caprio: "I became a fan of Armenia and Armenian people"
Friday, 15 June, 2018, 20:00

The third season of TV project Stand Up Comedy Show recently finished. The most memorable and unique member of the show is Shafi Al Caprio – an Indian, but he considers himself as an Armenian. In an interview with Shafi told about Armenia, about his work and study, about his life in Armenia.

- How did you decide to come to Armenia and not to another country?

- I came to Armenia about 6 years ago. In India when you finish school you can go to another country or another city and study there. And when I searched in Google I saw Armenia. To be honest, I didn't know that there is such a country. First I visited Alaverdi and Artsakh and fell in love with Armenians. Wherever I go, they were all hospitable. Also I fell in love with Armenian language and Armenian girls, with everything. So I decided to study medicine, because I knew that here is good teaching of medicine. Now I'm studying at Haybusak University at Medical faculty.

- In Armenia there is a stereotype that all Indians study at Medical University.

- It is just a stereotype. Indians come to Armenia because Armenia is a good place and India has many similarities with Armenia. And our brothers and sisters say that here is peaceful and everything is cheap. India has 1,5 billion population and we have shortage of doctors. We have universities, colleges, but we haven't places for all.

- Your impressions about Armenia. What do you like here or what don't you like?

- I like everything in Armenia. Armenians do everything in a special way. I like everything here. Before you like something you must become a fan. I became a fan of Armenia and Armenian people.

- Which difficulties do you face in Armenia?

- People in Armenia say: "We have everything in Armenia except money". But I don't believe, I believe that people can work and can live better. Now we have new power in Armenia, new prime minister, and people have more hopes. I also hope that.

- You speak Armenian very well. Was it easy for you?

- I didn't go to any classes, I learnt the language in the streets and I learnt many wrong words, but then they taught me the right way. If you have hope to learn, you can learn.

- Will you marry an Armenian girl?

- Now I'm engaged with Armenian girl and we think about marriage.

- Have you participated in other projects?

- Yes, I have performances in clubs, I take part in Armcomedy. I did volunteer work in orphanages, but now I don't have time. Now I have own business in Armenia.

- Is it easy to have own business in Armenia?

- I don't know, I just opened it not for the business but for the charitable purposes. People come and they trust us. That's very important for me.

- Let's talk about your character. Armenians like your charachter in the show. How was it created?

- It's a long story. When I was on the mountain Hatis with my friend, my feet were frozen. When I feel uncomfortable, I always joking. My friend said that I should take part in Stand Up.

- Can we expect any changes after the end of the third season?

- Yes, I'm very happy that we finished the season this way. I'll take part in the fourth season. For me it's very important when people see me and say: "This is our Indian brother".

- Which are your hobbies?

- I like cooking, I talked about my own business, and also I like traveling.

- What can you say about last political changes in Armenia?

- I follow them and even attended, not for politics but for our children, for our people.

- Considering that you work, study and have your own business in Armenia, can you say that you will stay here for a long time?

- I talked about my engagement and I hope that I'll live here and that the life in Armenia will be better. I'm proud Indian but also I'm proud Armenian.

- What do you wish for Armenians, for your audience?

- Success. I believe that we can live better, we can work and have our contribution to making Armenia better. Everything will be alright.