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David Babayan: "Azerbaijani citizen Elnur Husseinzade was released"

David Babayan: "Azerbaijani citizen Elnur Husseinzade was released"
Wednesday, 06 February, 2019, 11:45

Elnur Husseinzade's case within the real and virtual principles of Azerbaijan’s geopolitics. A few days ago, Azerbaijani citizen Elnur Husseinzade, who illegally crossed Artsakh’s border two years ago, was released. Of course, it has generated ambiguous feelings an demotions in our society. But, such a step is first of all the requirement of the law, since any person, regardless of nationality, religion and political views, should be released after serving his punishment. Apart from this, such an approach is in line with the Armenian national system of values and worldview. Our people have great sense of patriotism and always consider the Nazi or Fascist ideologies as alien and fatal. Unfortunately, Nazism and Fascist constitute the basis of the state building philosophy in Azerbaijan. What was the response of Azerbaijan? It was extremely predictable. Bakuhas launched an international search for its own citizen Elnur Husseinzade. There are several reasons for this. First of all, this person did not want to return to Azerbaijan from the very beginning seeing no prospects there for his future. Second, even his name and surname show that that Elnur Husseinzade does not have a thoroughbred Turkic identity. In any Fascist country these circumstances are sufficient grounds for persecuting, imprisoning, and killing a person. There are thousands such examples in Azerbaijan.

So, an individual example of Elnur Husseinzade once again demonstrates the true nature of Azerbaijan, the violation of democracy and humanrightsthere, the disrespectful attitude towards the Islamic values and the terrorist nature of the state.