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"Gift from Armenia": Kim Kardashian visited the Vatican and the Fendi fashion house

"Gift from Armenia": Kim Kardashian visited the Vatican and the Fendi fashion house
Wednesday, 30 June, 2021, 16:48

Kim Kardashian displays ample cleavage in a plunging black dress as she attends meeting at Fendi headquarters in Rome, Italy... after THAT Vatican visit․Daily Mail writes․
The sexy garment featured spaghetti straps and a curve-hugging fit that flattered Kardashian's famous physique.
She layered up her look with a knit burgundy shrug and strolled down the cobblestone streets in a pair of ultra strappy heels that wound around her ankles and up her calves.
The KKW Beauty founder let her lengthy raven hair flow out from under a navy blue and red Sci-Fi Fantasy cap.
Upon arrival to the Fendi building, Kim was seen carefully climbing a set of narrow stairs outside, an act captured by one of her personal photographers.
The reality TV sensation was surrounded by a few of her closest team members who made sure she got up the steps safely in her heels.She was greeted by a Fendi representative who she shared a tender hug with.
Kim was also seen striking a pose near a stunning statue, before heading inside the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, currently used as the Fendi headquarters, with her crew.
Although the reason for Kardashian's visit to the Fendi headquarters are unknown, the mother of four has proven to be a fan of the high fashion brand for years - often appearing on Instagram in their recognizable pieces.Taking to her Instagram Story, the SKIMS CEO showed off the countless gifts she received from Fendi․
After schmoozing with the folks at Fendi, Kim and her crew grabbed a decadent pasta lunch at Dal Bolognese Roma, which famously serves 'high-end, Italian cuisine.'
Kardashian, having Armenian roots on her father Robert's side, highlighted a 'gift from Armenia' to the Vatican, which was a gold necklace and matching diamond pendant displayed behind glass.
Although she appeared excited to be visiting the Vatican on Monday, Kim failed to adhere to the church's strict dress code by wearing a sexy lace dress which didn't cover her shoulders and had cut-out sections throughout her mid-section.
There is a basic dress code that both men and women must adhere to when visiting the Vatican city, particularly St. Peter’s Basilica and/or the Vatican museums (including the Sistine Chapel).
Visitors must cover their knees and upper arms, while they are prohibited from wearing shorts or skirts above the knee, sleeveless tops, and low-cut shirts.She flouted the Vatican's strict dress code as she paid a visit to the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church alongside supermodel Kate Moss earlier this week.