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,,To the leadership of Azerbaijan and Armenia..: Mikheil Saakashvili

,,To the leadership of Azerbaijan and Armenia..: Mikheil Saakashvili
Wednesday, 25 October, 2023, 01:00

To the leadership of Azerbaijan and Armenia: We are currently facing the threat of a potential military confrontation in the South Caucasus, specifically regarding the corridor that would provide Azerbaijan with direct land access to its territory in Nakhichevan. It is important to acknowledge that Russia has a vested interest in instigating this conflict. Such a war would not only damage Azerbaijan's international reputation, but could also lead to a change in government in Armenia. However, there are alternative solutions to this issue that do not involve resorting to force.
I would like to implore the leadership of Azerbaijan and Armenia to consider the existing arrangement between Ukraine and Moldova as a possible example. These two countries have maintained positive neighborly relations, mutually recognizing each other's borders. In a scenario where Ukraine required access from the city of Odesa to the southern part of the Odesa region, Moldova willingly agreed to lease a road across the Dniester region. As the former governor of Odesa, I frequently used this leased road (which I had repaired) under the control of Ukrainian border guards whenever I needed to travel to Ukrainian Besarabia. Moldova receives commercial benefits from this agreement.
Applying a similar solution to the situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia would prove beneficial for both nations. Armenia could gain commercial and financial advantages, as well as access to significant transit roads. Additionally, Azerbaijan could avoid the need for a continued presence of Russian troops, ultimately leading to peaceful coexistence between the two countries.