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Raya Nazaryan elected National Assembly chair

Raya Nazaryan elected National Assembly chair
Thursday, 20 June, 2024, 14:48

Raya Nazaryan was elected National Assembly Chair on Thursday. She received 131 votes in favour, 66 MPs voted against, and 39 abstained. Nazaryan was backed by her parliamentary group, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and TISP.

Nazaryan's election became possible after There Is Such a People (TISP) deputy leader Toshko Yordanov said from the rostrum that the party would support all nominations.

GERB Leader Borisov said that the conclusion from the results is that his party should thank TISP and its leader Slavi Trifonov. "I secretly hoped that Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (CC-DB) will make this gesture [of supporting Nazaryan's nomination]," he added and expressed regret that CC-DB had encapsulated themselves.

Four MPs were nominated for head of Parliament. Here is how the legislature voted on the other three:

Silvi Kirilov of TISP: 17 votes in favour, 108 against, and 108 abstentions.

Petar Petrov of Vazrazhdane: 53 votes in favour, 111 against, and 71 abstentions.

Yuliana Mateeva of Velichie (Grandeur): 13 votes in favour, 105 against, and 105 abstentions.