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There are 4 museums in Shushi. The State Museum of Fine Arts has 630 exhibits

There are 4 museums in Shushi. The State Museum of Fine Arts has 630 exhibits
Thursday, 08 March, 2018, 13:40

In the historical city of Shushi, after soothing the wounds of the war, the people of Artsakh started the development of cultural life. A fresh air was blown into the city. Today there are 4 museums in the city – the State Museum of Fine Arts, the State Museum of Geology after Professor Grigory Gabrielyan, Shushi History Museum and the Shushi Gallery. These cultural sites display the best exhibits of the Armenian culture. Talking about the Fine Arts Museum, the head of the organization that regulates the activities of the museums “Museums of town Shushi” SNPO Lusine Gasparyan mentioned that it was opened on May 9, 2013 with the help and initiative of Professor Grigori Gabrielyan.

The museum building was constructed on the base of the former town inn – keeping its unique architectural features. The collection of the museum consists of donations. The exclusiveness of the museum is the wide range of contributors and the inclusive geography of the presented works – Republic of Armenia, Republic of Artsakh, Republic of Russia, Georgia, USA, France, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Madagascar, etc.

The works of famous artists, such as M. Saryan, N. Garzu, E. Chahine, J. Jansem, H. Hakobyan, D. Burlyuk, A. Shevchenko, A. Safokhin, D. Plavinski and others, are also exclusive. According to the director of “Museums of town Shushi”, there are 630 exhibits in the museum at the moment, but the number is constantly growing thanks to the contributors.

Educational programs with public schools are in the center of attention of the museum. Visits to the museum are organized quite often, during which pupils participate in scientific events and play intellectual games. The museums of Shushi welcome soldiers with love as well.

Talking about upcoming events in 2018, Mrs. Gasaryan mentioned that individual exhibitions will take place in the museum of Fine Arts, as well as classical concerts, movie screenings, symposiums of paintings and sculptures and other cultural-educational events.

As to the activities of the organization in general, according to the director, they actively cooperate with the History Museum of Armenia. According to “Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and cultural museum-reservations” State Non-commercial Organization, cooperation with the Armenian National Gallery is also outlined.