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The causes of the successful struggle of Vietnam with the coronavirus

The causes of the successful struggle of Vietnam with the coronavirus
Monday, 20 April, 2020, 00:25

Vietnam with strong quarantine measures and social cohesion was able to avoid the tragic consequences of the pandemic of coronavirus that survive in Europe and the United States. The reasons for the success was called the edition of South China Morning Post.It is noted that the reaction of Vietnam to the crisis won praise from the world health organization (who). The infection rate in the country, despite a common border with Citem remain much lower than in South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan — they are many times praised in the media for their effective action against the pandemic. In addition, Vietnam is generally not recorded deaths from the new virus.The who representative in the country Kidon Park, believes that the early response of countries to the crisis was a critical success factor. “Vietnam has responded to this outbreak early and actively. His first study on risk assessment was held in early January — shortly after began to receive reports of cases of the disease in China,” he said.The country quickly established a national Committee for the prevention and control COVID-19, headed by Vice-Prime Minister, who immediately introduced the national response plan. Vietnamese schools have been closed since January 16th of March, began a mass quarantine since March 25 discontinued international flights. The vast majority of domestic flights, trains and buses cancelled. Those who had infected another person because of the failure to wear a mask could face up to 12 years in prison.The authorities have not yet spoken about easing these restrictions. Despite the small number of confirmed cases, 1 April, Vietnam announced restrictions on entry and exit from the country. In addition, Vietnam has experience in the treatment of similar diseases such as SARS.