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#Coronavirus latest: Europe begins easing restrictions

#Coronavirus latest: Europe begins easing restrictions
Monday, 20 April, 2020, 20:00

After weeks of imposing restrictions to public life, many European countries are beginning to ease lockdown measures meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Follow DW for the latest.

Under an easing of restrictions in Germany on Monday, commercial spaces that are less than 800 square meters are allowed to resume trade, as well as all bookstores, bicycle shops and car dealerships. However, these reopening businesses will have to observe certain social distancing and hygiene requirements.

In Poland, parks and forests have been reopened as the government eases a few of the restrictions that have essentially brought daily life to a standstill.

From Australia, South Australia Police tweeted these images of a kangaroo taking advantage of the lockdown to enjoy having the streets of Adelaide to itself.

Kindergartens in Norway have reopened as the country gradually relaxes a monthlong coronavirus lockdown. The move has been met with a mixed response from parents, 24 percent of whom said they did not want to send their children back to pre-school so soon, according to a poll by public broadcaster NRK.

Pre-schools opening their doors will have to meet certain safety requirements. For example, children under the age of three will have to be kept in groups of no more than three with one adult supervising. Those aged between three and six can be in groups of six.

Primary school pupils are expected to return to class next week, with higher grades to follow before the summer, the government said.

Norway is among the first European countries, including Austria, Denmark and Germany, to announce a roadmap for the staggered reopening of schools.