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Sevan Nisanyan։ The court ruled that my detention was terminated

Sevan Nisanyan։ The court ruled that my detention was terminated
Friday, 07 January, 2022, 22:06

1. Those who call me a 'national danger' and try to make me out of the border of Karga Tulumba are not a 'Greek state'. A nationalist paranoid gang holding their corner heads in Samos Police. I don't know how much their powers or allegiance are.
2. There is a lot to be said about the 'Greek state'. But there is now that in Greece prosecutors, bars, former and new politicians, former prime ministers, right and left newspapers have taken an incredible enthusiasm and clarity, without keeping their words. I think this is an important indication. We can't imagine such a thing in Turkey. There are civilized people in Turkey, of course, but at the state level they don't speak; even if they speak, they speak with fear, fear, and forks.
3. Yes Greece is a more civilized country than Turkey. Maybe the state structure is weaker, the division is in the structure.
Police, court, police etc. three or five up are the same: miserable, stupid, humane. There were very sweet policemen, those who were in the mood of "we caught the Turks and suppress the Turks", "I think this is an important man, I don't need to get involved".
4. Armenian Embassy and especially ambassador Mr. Tigran Mgrdicyan made an incredible effort to save me, he worked day and night, he did not leave Iraq alone for a moment. For the first time in my life, I felt that a state is standing behind me, without any condition and without any hesitation. A very different feeling. It was good, I didn't know.
5. The court ruled that my detention was terminated. The unlimited resolution stands. But I think it will be fixed sooner or later. I may have to leave the country for a while and maybe live in Armenia, maybe elsewhere.
It would be good if we could do this and open the door to Turkey.
6. Unfortunately, these are not the main problem we have, but others. We are bored.