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Bulgarian Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador
Tuesday, 27 December, 2022, 23:06

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian Ambassador to Sofia Eleonora Mitrofanova. This was reported on December 27 by NOVA TV channel.

The call of the diplomat, according to media reports, is connected with the announcement of the Bulgarian journalist, head of the Bellingcat publication (this material concerns the activities of a foreign agent of Bellingcat) Hristo Grozev, on the federal wanted list in Russia.

Earlier in the day, the GERB party, which won the October parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, called on the Foreign Ministry to summon the Russian ambassador in connection with the Grozev case. The party threatened to put Mitrofanova herself on the wanted list, in violation of the convention on diplomatic relations.

A day earlier, it became known that Grozev was put on the wanted list in Russia. For which article he is wanted, details are not given.

On July 25, the FSB of the Russian Federation reported that Grozev participated in the Ukrainian intelligence operation to hijack aircraft of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of the Russian Federation. As it turned out, Grozev, through his coordinator, found two female couriers who met a courier from Moscow at the railway station in Lipetsk with an advance payment of $4,000 from Ukrainian intelligence officers for the Russian pilot who allegedly agreed to hijack.The fact that the FSB disrupted the Ukrainian military intelligence operation supervised by the special services of NATO countries to hijack combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces became known at the same time. The agency published correspondence about the plans of the military intelligence of Ukraine to hijack the vessels of the Russian Aerospace Forces.