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Statement by the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights on

Statement by the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights on
Wednesday, 22 March, 2023, 20:12

the obstruction of the Lachin Corridor
The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliament Assembly of the Council of Europe is
greatly concerned by the humanitarian crisis unfolding due to the ongoing obstruction of the Lachin Corridor.
This corridor is the lifeline between those living in Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia, and the Committee fully
supports the public statement made by the Parliamentary Assembly co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of
Armenia on 24 February 2023, calling for “immediate action” and “the immediate cessation of the unlawful
and illegitimate obstruction of the Lachin corridor”.
The Committee also calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to implement without delay the measures
addressed to it by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of 22 February 2023 and of the European Court
of Human Rights (ECtHR) of 21 December 2022 whose decisions noted the obligation on Azerbaijan under
the Trilateral Statement, signed on 9 November 2020, to “guarantee the security of persons, vehicles and
cargo moving along the Lachin Corridor in both directions” (Article 6 of the Trilateral Statement).1
The Committee furthermore refers to other international statements addressed to the authorities of
Azerbaijan on the same issue, including
- the joint statement of the four co-rapporteurs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of
Europe for the monitoring of Azerbaijan and Armenia of December 16, 2022, which states that
“Freedom and security of movement of persons and goods must be urgently restored along the
corridor. We call on all parties to the Trilateral Statement of 9-10 November 2020 to immediately take
the necessary measures”, and
- the European Parliament resolution of 19 January 2023 on the humanitarian consequences
of the blockade in Nagorno-Karabakh.