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Up To 15,000 To Be Evacuated In Dresden After World War 2 Bomb Found

Up To 15,000 To Be Evacuated In Dresden After World War 2 Bomb Found
Saturday, 15 April, 2023, 21:24

An unexploded American bomb dating back to the Second World War has been found in the German city of Dresden during excavation, causing the need to evacuate at least 15,000 people, German police said on Saturday.

"It is a 250-kilogram (551 Pounds) US-made air bomb," the police said in a statement quoted by the Bild newspaper.

The bomb needs to be deactivated on the spot, and the neutralization will start in the afternoon. Up to 15,000 people will need to be evacuated from nearby buildings by then, according to the report.

There are two nursing homes within the dangerous area, the newspaper said, adding that measures will be taken to keep their patients safe where they are and avoid transportation, which might bring health risks for them.

The whole operation is taking the involvement of 385 police officers, the report said.

During the Second World War, Dresden was almost completely destroyed by allied bombing raids. Bombs of that time period are still being discovered in Germany. In September 2021, authorities in the German city of Wuppertal called on people to abstain from voting at five polling stations due to a World War 2 bomb found in the area.