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''War is entering new stage''. Ukraine's commander in chief

''War is entering new stage''. Ukraine's commander in chief
Thursday, 02 November, 2023, 11:18

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, believes that the war with Russia is moving to a new stage: "positional" warfare. To win it, Ukraine needs high technologies.

Source: Zaluzhnyi, in his column for The Economist
Ukraine's second priority: means of radio-electronic warfare. "EW is the key to victory in the drone war," the general emphasises.

Zaluzhnyi says that while Ukraine has built many of its own electronic defence systems, it also needs greater access to electronic intelligence from allies.

The third task is counter-battery fire, that is, the destruction of enemy artillery. In this war, artillery, missile and rocket fire make up 60-80% of all military tasks. When Ukraine first received Western weapons last year, the Ukrainian military was quite successful in detecting and engaging Russian artillery. However, the effectiveness of such weapons has sharply decreased due to the improvement of Russian electronic warfare equipment.