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Zelenskyy in Estonia: A ceasefire would give Russia time to gather strength

Zelenskyy in Estonia: A ceasefire would give Russia time to gather strength
Thursday, 11 January, 2024, 16:49

Ukraine agreeing to a ceasefire in the current situation would give Russia the chance to regroup, reinforce its units and replenish stocks before attacking again, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said after meeting his Estonian counterpart Alar Karis.
"Talking about a ceasefire in Ukraine, it would not constitute peace. It would not mean the war would stop. It also provides no opportunity for political dialogue," Zelenskyy said when asked by ERR journalist Anton Aleksejev whether a ceasefire could help Ukraine gather its strength.

Zelenskyy said that Russia's munitions and drone stocks are also being depleted and that it has lost a lot of soldiers and entire units. They have lost a lot of experienced soldiers – those who fought in Chechnya and Syria, and the Wagner mercenary group has also been destroyed. Now Russia is looking to reform them, including by recruiting more prisoners, the Ukrainian president said.

"It is no accident they are trying to source Shahed drones from Iran and are in talks for munitions procurements, including from North Korea," Zelenskyy remarked. "Why are they doing it? Because they cannot keep up, their warehouses are emptying."

"But if there is a break in the fighting and Russia is given two or three years, they may recover their strength and secure a battlefield advantage," Zelenskyy noted.

The Ukrainian leader also said that while the population of Russia still supports the war, its effects have started to reach the people as sanctions are having an effect, even if it is slow to happen.

Ukraine will make any decision toward a ceasefire based solely on its interests, Zelenskyy stressed.