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Salome Zurabishvili: "We know what the occupation means for a country"

Salome Zurabishvili: "We know what the occupation means for a country"
Saturday, 02 March, 2019, 12:30

"Sputnik Georgia" agency writes that Salome Zurabishvili’s first visit to Azerbaijan in the position of president was saturated.

According to the agency, the visit was effective. Zurabishvili and the president of Azerbaijan IlhamAliyevdiscussedthe intensification of two sides’ cooperation in different spheres.

"It’s not a secret that Azerbaijan is one of strategic partner of Georgia. Two countries are connected not only with commercial and economic ties, but with projects of global significance as well. But there are unsolved problems, one of which is the issue of delimitation and demarcation. It is about 30%," mentions the agency.

The presidents of two counties paid special attention to the cooperation in spheres of energetics and transportation as well as to the joint projects with Turkey.

"If we take a look at the history, we can see that the building of Baki-Supsa Pipeline in 1990s was a great event. It allowed to connect the Caspian and Black seas together. After that Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum Pipelines were built. We, that is Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey fulfilled that projects," said Aliyev.

Zurabishvili expressed the hope that the number of Azerbaijan tourists will be increased. ̔We also exchanged opinions about tourism development. It is necessary to develop that sphere as well,̕ said Zurabishvili.

The agency also mentions that during the meeting two sides exchanged warm words.

During the joint press conference Zurabishvili mentioned:

"Our nations have been together for centuries. We have been living in the conditions of brotherhood and friendship. Today this ties are basic factors of our interstate ties. We develop our relationships on that base."

Zurabishvili also addressed to the issue of delimitation and demarcation of Georgian and Azerbaijan border mentioning that the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan is 446 km, one third of which is not delimited yet.

Azerbaijan press writes that at the visit the president of Georgia presented herself as an experienced politician and talked about the problem of territorial integrity.

Zurabishvili made a noisy announcement saying:

"In recent years our countries have passed though the same tragedies. Today we feel what the occupation means for a country when your territorial integrity is disjointed. Occupation lines are open scares for us, which prevent our development. However, despite those tragedies, we could straighten and develop our economies to continue our way as an independent country."

According to Azerbaijan press, the president of Georgia "knows international rights very well and clearly understands their significance."

Zurabishvili ended her visit to Azerbaijan with official dinner.

"Our co-partnership will straighten and deepen in all spheres. We must straighten each other and that will be the base for prosperity of the whole region and our citizens," ended her speech Zurabishvili.

It should be noted that Zurabishvili will have two days’ visit to Armenia. The visit is appointed on March, but the details are unknown yet.