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Turkey may refuse to buy American F-16s

Turkey may refuse to buy American F-16s
Monday, 06 March, 2023, 12:30

Ankara is likely to reverse its decision to purchase F-16 fighter jets from the United States due to the price as well as other more modern options being available, Cagri Erhan, a member of the Turkish Presidency’s Security and Foreign Policies Council, told Sputnik in an interview.

Erhan said that the decision may be made due to the high cost of fighters.
"I believe that after the earthquakes Turkiye will give up asking for F-16 because it is $20 billion cost package," Erhan emphasised.
To Cagri Erhan the Turkish government decision to ask for F-16s from The U.S. is a “mistake”, as they are “ are outdated and not competitive”, and mentioned Turkey should change its decision from F16 to Chinese jet, or Russian jet.