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Edmon Marukyan

Edmon Marukyan
Friday, 02 February, 2024, 14:06

In March 2022, Azerbaijan proposed five fundamental principles on which the peace treaty with Armenia had to be based, namely: Mutual recognition by states of sovereignty, territorial integrity, inviolability of their international borders and political independence of each other; Mutual confirmation of the absence of territorial claims of states to each other and the adoption of a legal obligation that such a claim will not be brought in the future; Refrain from threatening each other’s security in interstate relations, use of threats and force against political independence and territorial integrity, as well as other circumstances that do not comply with the purposes of the UN Charter; Delimitation and demarcation of the state border, establishment of diplomatic relations; Opening transport and communications, building other relevant communications and establishing cooperation in other areas of mutual interest.

Although the mentioned principles were addressed during the negotiations, also publicly, Azerbaijan avoids signing the peace treaty and continuously raises new demands during the whole process of negotiations, thus torpedoing the peace process. Yesterday, Azerbaijani president Aliyev stated that peace may be achieved between Armenia and Azerbaijan only after Armenia makes amendments to its Constitution and internal legislation, thus officially raising a completely new precondition.

As saying goes: “appetite comes while eating” and these endless demands are coming to prove only one thing: Azerbaijan does not want peace in the region or signing a peace treaty with Armenia, trailing the whole international community around by the fingers.