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Turkish terrible misinformation and slanders against Armenia and the silence of the Armenian side.

Turkish terrible misinformation and slanders against Armenia and the silence of the Armenian side.
Sunday, 18 February, 2018, 21:25

For several years in Igdir, Turkey, is acting so-called “Struggle against Armenian allegations” Turk-Azerbaijan Union the ASİMDER. The head Goksel Gülbey is a well-known anti -Armenian propagandist, he is publishing false information and slanders about Armenia. Every misinformation published by the organization instantly spreads on all Turkish nationalist and Azerbaijani websites and accepted as an absolute truth by a massive audience. Here are some examples of what kind of “information” it is. In January 2018, Goksel Gülbey announced that the “Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia” – ASALA, which activity was announced terminated in 1983, was re-opened in the region of Georgia Javakheti with the title “Iberia – land”. According to Gülbey, “Iberia – land” Union is a terrorist organization, which is fulfilling the Russian policy in region uses Armenians living in Armenia and other countries. The leader of ASİMDER claims that the Russian military base situated in Akhalkalaki left behind the portable weapons to the members of “Iberia – land” when leaving. On July 25, ASİMDER announced that in Vardenis, Artsakh and Sevan, Armenia have deployed PKK (“Kurdistan Workers Party”) and PJAK (“Kurdistan Free Life Party”) qualified as terrorist groups in Turkey. “In 20 military camps are implemented training of rebels, which in the future they should use for military operations against Turkey and Azerbaijan. Another terrorist organization after the ASALA termination Armenia does not stop being one of the sponsors and supporters of international terrorism. This is due to the political course of the creation of "Greater Armenia" that Armenia has adopted is said in statement. In a statement made on June 11, the headline says "Sensational Statement: ISIS has reached to Iran through Armenia”, this was published in various Azerbaijani and Turkish propaganda sites, ASİMDER said the following: " Goksel Gülbey has issued a sensational statement, which says that the ISIS terrorists who attacked the Iranian parliament and Mausoleum Khomeini last week reached Iran through Armenia. Gülbey also said that he informed by his sources that Armenia has opened camps for terrorist training in the occupied territory in Karabakh. Moreover, it become known that Armenians are taken by airplanes from Syria and located in Karabakh, whereas among them can be terrorists. And Iran has been chosen as a target of terrorism because it has supported Qatar with Turkey. “Earlier, a statement released on July 6 the most absurd “information” is provided – Armenians have deployed 8,000 hired Afghan soldiers in Karabakh". After the four-day war last year, hired Afghan soldiers have been deployed in Karabakh. After the bereavement Armenians refuse to send their children to military service, this gap fills 8,000 hired Afghan soldiers. They will be paid $3000, the contract has been signed for 5 years, after it they were promised to give RA citizenship and visas to Europe. We call Iran not to allow Afghan’s to enter Armenia” said ASIMDER statement. Go back to 2016 May 27 and present no less silly statement: “In Armenia the captivity from Karabakh war is forced to work at the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant which expiration date has elapsed, gold and coal mines. Let us mention that for 23 years Armenia is ignoring the demand of Azerbaijan to return the prisoners of war and hostages, according to decision on 2011 March 11, the number of prisoners reaches 4049, 3273 of them are military, 771 are civilians, and 5 are unknown. " ASİMDER's anti-Armenian propaganda is increasing, they introduce Armenia to its growing audience as the number one spot of terrorism on the world. And what steps does the Armenian side take against this dangerous propaganda? The propaganda considered to be one of the most powerful tools in 21st century. As an example, NATO, the European Parliament and the Czech Republic have opened special committees against Russian propaganda and misinformation, and some European countries have even opened special ministries. Unfortunately, the efforts of, to get any comment from the RA authorities - from National Security Service or Ministry of Defence, had no result. All our questions, what the Armenian side is doing in response to this powerful misinformation and defamation remained unanswered.